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Loyalty Scheme Services:

The electronic multi-function reward system aims to make business owners successful and satisfied, and customers happy. In appreciation of their loyalty, the scheme offers customers special benefits in the form of points that can be accumulated and used to pay for further purchases. The scheme comes in three categories: Silver, Gold and Diamond. The loyalty system can be used in conjunction with many other services, such as vouchers and discounts.

Vouchers Services:

These are prepaid electronic smart vouchers, pre-determined in value by the merchant or service provider. They are multiple payment and use vouchers which the customer can use to pay for purchases on the spot or send to a friend [as a gift].

Discount Card Services:

These are electronic discount cards that can be offered to customers in the form of a discount upon purchase (non-transferable). The cardholder pays the full value of the goods at the time of purchase and gets loyalty points in the form of cashback at the discount rate that are added to the customer’s loyalty points account. The loyalty points can be used/redeemed at any participating store.

Marketing Services:

Atta platform allows participating business owners to market their products/ services and attract new customers by posting information, analysis and reports related to their businesses on the platform.

Smart Mobile Payment Services:

Atta platform provides secure electronic payment services on mobile phones, which can be used at any time and any place where there is a mobile phone signal. Payment can be affected in two ways:

  • First method, remote payment: through the Atta platform
  • Second method, proximity payment: via QR

It is possible to pay in several modes all at the same time for one transaction (such as payment by loyalty points, smart vouchers, ATM cards, credit cards and cash).

GYM Management Services:

The gym management system involves issuing sports clubs subscription cards that have unique features and benefits. The cards come in three categories: Diamond, Gold, and Silver, and each type of the cards includes a large number of sports clubs.