Quality Services through Mastery Experience Dedication Exultancy Determination

Who We Are

Atta is a company incorporated on 2 July 2019, Atta comprises a unique team of multi-disciplinary experts that endeavors to bring New Technologies with all the benefits that come with them, keeping in mind all types of users, whether they are selling or consuming, Atta focuses primarily on providing services to retirees and all other sectors of society. whether they are in the banking, operators, or Government sectors. Atta’s team’s positive multi-discipline efforts are based on experience in industries/services, governments, aiming globally but mainly at countries of the GCC for practical life and people.

Our Commitment

Atta is determined to initiate New Quality relationships, mainly between customers and businesses, boost effectiveness, increase profits, support socializing within different communities, boost GDP and increase the economy’s performance, resulting overall in helping with the country’s development for the benefit of the people.