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Loyality Systems

Ones of our main targets are making both “Consumers happy and Business owners successful and satisfied”. One way of achieving it is Loyalty System, because it makes customers happy and business efficient and successful. That’s why we invented a new generation of Loyalty system called Multi-reward Loyalty system.

Under the Loyalty system (LS) belong different cards of rewards (e.g. discounts, tickets, vouchers etc.) and services (e.g. info-service) which customer can get for his Loyalty to the business provider (Merchants or service provider)


Vouchers are objects (documents, cards etc.) which hold a prepaid value. They have a validity which can be bound to a certain establishment and time and they are usually transferable. Sometimes they can be used for a defined purpose only (e.g. for purchasing petrol, grocery, stationary etc.). Vouchers used by Atta MFS are mobile e-vouchers or m-vouchers, which are stored in a holder’s mobile. Atta MFS recognized Standard and Smart Vouchers, were Smart vouchers offer more intelligent features advantageous for both the consumer and the seller.

Discount Cards

Discount cards are objects (documents, cards etc.) which hold a value which is provided in the form of a discount provided to a holder when purchasing goods or services. Usually they represent a membership to a customer group (e.g. VIP Club membership) and they are not transferable. Advantages can differ according to a different kinds of membership, like Standard, Silver, Golden, Diamond etc. Atta MFS works with mobile discount cards, which are used by means of a mobile Atta MFS

Marketing Services

Marketers and service providers executes marketing activities and actions to attract their customers and stay in their minds as their preferred seller and service providers. Atta MFS helps its business clients to perform and analyze such activities and actions like shopping festivals, celebrations of their anniversaries etc.


m-Payment services of Atta MFS are omni-channel tools for safe payment for goods and services by mobile, independently on its hardware and operating system, available wherever is mobile signal available and for 24/7/365 with full range of features imaginable.

Smart Payments

Many payments need to be executed repeatably and regularly. In order to free payers from those unpopular duties Atta MFS brings smart payments which ‘remember’ such duties instead of Atta users and execute the appropriate payments in time and accurately

Salary and wage automation

Atta MFS offers employers an advantageous option of automating monthly huge works related to salary and wage distributions to their employees. It is sufficient just to manage a list of recipients and amounts to be paid and Atta MFS will execute appropriate transactions and pay what, where, and when needed.

SME support

Atta MFS offers SME owners also features which help growing their success by building their families of loyal customers and operation efficiency, according to an US study up to 88%.


Among services offered by Atta MFS there are also insurances which are provided by means of third specialized parties based on popular comparative services.


Atta MFS offers its business users also unlimited number of sales channels through virtual e-commerce malls where marketers and service providers can open their new estabishments and join hundreds sellers available in Bahrain today.


In Atta MFS business users have for their convenience available also sophisticated system of advertisement features which enable to address the right groups of potential customers and invest marketing costs the most efficiently as possible.


Employers and employees can enjoy comfortable remittance services which can automate regular monthly payments which and contribute to good relations and stable social situations of receiving families in the developing countries.

Wealth Management

As it is known, wealth management can achieve different results depending on its quality. That’s why Atta MFS comes with automation of that field and bring a rational wealth management for its customers.

Lending Management

Atta MFS offers also the lending management features which can prevent financial loss and damaging social relations


The Microfinance service of Atta MFS which brought to its pioneer a Nobel Prize, is a great set of features which can help low-income people to remove their powerty and get in a socially stable level.

Tax reimbursement management

In 2019 Bahrain joined countries which add to the most of purchasing transactions so called “VAT” (value-added tax). Atta MFS’ tax-free purchasing service is helping foreign customers to get VAT back unless a necessity to study appropriate laws for process it correctly