for Supporting Technology

Atta is a company incorporated on xx of October 2019, Atta comprises a unique team of multi-disciplinary experts that endeavors to bring New Technologies with all the benefits that come with them, keeping in mind all types of users, whether they are selling or consuming, and whether they are in the banking, operators, or Government sectors. Atta’s team’s positive multi-discipline efforts are based on experience in industries/services, universities, academies of sciences, governments and the UN, aiming globally but mainly at countries of the GCC for practical life and people, being appreciated many times, including by US Erdös #2 (the same as held by Nobel Prize winner A. Einstein) recently (within the last 50 years)

Atta is coming in Fintech Bay to integrate decades-long Fintech development with recognized results achieved by Atta’s team in different disciplines and continents to project their symbiosis in the field of Fintech for the benefit of all participants.

By means of state-of-the-art technologies and techniques like cloud processing, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Social Networks, Blockchain, processing of Regtech and Atta’s multi-disciplinary knowledge, experience and results (some of them patent-pending) Atta will bring on the Fintech Bay stage its New Quality Mobile Financial Solutions (MFS) products such as Super-loyalty, Smart vouchers, IoT services, social services, while supporting entities from personal and SME to country and international levels, and others.

Atta is determined to initiate New Quality relationships, mainly between customers and businesses, boost effectiveness, increase profits, support socializing within different communities, boost GDP and increase the economy’s performance, resulting overall in helping with the country’s development for the benefit of the people.

Atta Values

Atta shall use new advanced scientific, technology and market opportunities including Patents to achieve success in all fields. The main values applied in all parts of Atta’s activities towards both internal and external objects will be:

  • State-of-the-arts and Professional excellence
  • Positive goals and ways of achieving them
  • Ethics, Moral and Fairness.

Meet Our Founders

Ebrahim Alkhadim Chairman
Hasan Aldairy Co-Founder
Sadeq Alkhayat Co-Founder